Banquet Committee

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The ERR 2020 Banquet Committee Meeting will be held on Sunday, November 29, 2020 at 3:00pm via ZOOM.

Fun Show - Oct 10 2020

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October 3, 2020

Start Time: 10:00 am

Fees:  $10/division

           $25 max per person


-Riders will be limited to riding one horse per class.

-For the pairs class, each rider may ride in only one pair per class. You may switch partners for each class.


Divisions have been combined into the following:


Young Riders: Leadline/Youth Walk Trot

****Riders will ride at their level.  Leadliners may advance to walk/trot with an escort/leader beside the horse for safety.


Youth: Youth Novice and Youth

Adult:  Adult Novice and Adult

Open:  Youth Novice, Youth, Adult Novice, Adult

Pairs:   Youth Novice, Youth, Adult Novice, Adult

Class List and Patterns available in the "Resource Library" under "2019/2020 Gymkhana Patterns"

NIght Gymkhana Show MAKE UP FOR (July 11/Aug 29)

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The NIght Gymkhana Show MAKE UP  for  (July 11/Aug 29) will proceed as follows

Leadliners and Youth Walk Trot Classes (make up from August 29) will start at 1:00pm.   

Youth Novice and All other classes (July 11 Night Show Make Up)- will begin at 3:00

See you there

Cowboy Cookout Ride is sold out

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The Cowboy Cookout Ride has sold out. We met our 30 maximum really fast. Sorry to anyone who didn't make it in time. Hopefully next season we can allow more riders.

Further registrations will be added to a wait list of people to contact if we have cancelations.

Thank you for your interest.

More Cowboy Cookout Information

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Cowboy Cookout Trail Ride Information
This year we are doing things a little differently to follow the Covid19 guidelines to make sure that we are holding this event in the safest way we can. Please respect social distancing requirements while you are at the grounds, on the trails, and at the meal stop. A cowboy bandana would be a good item to have and use.
Negative coggins required.
Food service has the largest changes. We will hand out menu sign ups when you check in at the grounds. Please mark your selections, and remember to enter your name. When you get to the eating stop in the field at the Big Rock Crossing let us know you are there and we will put out a bag with your order. We will be sending groups out in groups so as to be able to have meals ready when you get there.
Picnic tables and chairs will not be available at the meal stop. Please bring a fold up chair with your name on it with you to the grounds. We will collect all the chairs and truck them to the meal stop where you can claim your chair. We will truck the chairs back to the grounds as soon as the meals are finished.
We may have some added entertainment back at the grounds after the ride. Stay tuned for updates.
Remember there is a limit of 30 for ride and meal this year. First respondants with payment will have a ticket reserved.

Cowboy Cookout Trail Ride

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Cowboy Cookout Trail Ride on Saturday September 19 2020 start 10AM

Join us for a Trail ride with Cookout along the trail. Check in at grounds at 10am. Begin riding out in groups at 10:30. $25pp/$15 for each additional family members.
Starts at the Ellis River Riders grounds and follows the Pink Trail to the cookout site at the fields at the big Rock crossing of the Ellis river.

Payment deadline date waived for 25 July Versatility Event

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Due to website problems earlier in the week the deadline for pre payment for this event has been waived. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Gymkhana patterns updated - 2020 patterns added

posted Jul 6, 2020, 6:06 AM by Dwight Davis   [ updated Jul 6, 2020, 6:06 AM ]

The "Gymkhana Patterns" page in the  "RESOURCE LIBRARY" has been updated to include 4 patterns that will be used for 2020.

Game Show Registration

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Online registration for the 2020 game shows is available on the "2020 EVENT REGISTRATION - VERSATILITY AND GAME SHOWS" page. There are 2 registration forms. One is for the Night shows and the other is for the Day shows. You can pay for the shows in "OUR STORE" or at the show.
Online registration saves time on game show days. In the current environment online registration also saves face-to-face contact time.

2020Gymkhana class lists are availalbe

posted Jul 2, 2020, 11:49 AM by Dwight Davis

2020 class lists for regular start, late start and night shows are available now in the Resource Library.

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