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posted Jul 23, 2017, 7:40 AM by Deb Cayer
Attention trail riders. A section of the Pink Trail is closed at the request of a landowner. We are working to regain access. This is a good example of how precious our relationship with landowners is. This section of trail is easily accessed by the East Andover road and in the past was constantly being used to party, camp, target practice AND host our horse trail and ITS-82 snowmobile trails. This is what helped the owner decide to close the property. Our club's trail committee and volunteers spent a lot of time cleaning up the mess and reporting the unauthorized destructive activity. Finally this season it seemed nicer than usual and that our continued efforts had helped reduce the usage because we were always "there" ...
We sincerely hope to regain this section of trail. It is owned by PH Chadbourne & Sons and has been sustainable logged providing a wonderful healthy forest riding experience. They have been recipients of the Austin Wilkins Forest Stewardship Award and others. 
Wherever you ride please go the extra mile in thanking the owners, cleaning up (even if it's not your own mess) and gently reminding others to be respectful as well.
Thanks & Happy Trails,
Trail Committee