Breaking Down The Pattern with Wanda Lounder

Wanda Lounder of Double L Stables in Hancock, Maine is an AQHA Professional Horseman. Wanda brings an assortment of showmanship, equitation, horsemanship, and trail patterns to her clinics. Participants will be learning how to read, interpret, and execute a pattern they are handed. She will show how to break down the steps of the pattern and ride it accurately. Her methods will work on routinely practiced patterns or get riders ready for our special "judges's choice" class this season. For this class, 3 random patterns will be placed in sealed envelopes and the judge will choose the pattern that morning. This is an all age, all ability, all discipline, all breed clinic. Huntseat, Western, Ranch, Trail, etc are all accepted. Even if you ride the versatility challenges, come join us. Wanda sponsors these type of events too and can help with the pattern.

Get the edge up on your competition. As a bonus, this is the day before our first show, a perfect time to bring your horse back to Ellis River Riders to "reunite with the scary white fence, dust, and the horses they haven't seen all winter."

For more information on Wanda, you can check out Double L Stables on Facebook. Wanda is very helpful and devotes a lot of time and energy in to youth development programs through the Junior Master Horseman program and regionally through the American Quarter Horse Association. Wanda is approachable, straight forward, and can coach riders of all levels. Wanda will also bring some information on the Junior Master Horseman program she has up and running. (It would be great to get a chapter of this program started on this side of the state.)

Youth attendance is highly encouraged. This is the next step in your progress and it's great to gain the insight and perspective of as many professionals as you can.

$8 lunch specials will be available on grounds during the clinic. All participants are requested to eat lunch together under the pavilion, whether purchasing food from ERR or not, as the clinician will be conducting an educational Q & A during lunch time as part of the clinic. 
Event Date and Time
May 30, 2015 - starting at 9:00 a.m.

Event Location
Ellis River Riders show grounds - 78 Airport Rd, Andover, ME

Participants: $50 Adult Division, $30 Youth Division
Parking and spectator admission is FREE

Event Manager

Wanda Lounder of Double L Stables- Hancock, ME
Region 6 AQHA Board of Directors and Youth Advisor

Two general help staffers are needed for clinic (all day)
Two staffers are needed in food booth from 11am-1pm
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Secretary's Booth
Open at 8:00 a.m.

Food Booth
Food Booth open for lunch only - limited menu. Food orders will be taken at time of online registration. Late food orders may be taken at the time of morning sign-in, but are not guaranteed to be fulfilled.
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Participant Resources

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See below for event rules/terms and conditions.

Contact Us
For inquiries about this event, contact the Event Manager

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