Versatility Trail Challenge - Series #1

Adult Divisions:; [Youth = Under 18 on January 1st ]
No lead-line or attendant - inexperienced rider

More experienced rider and/or from a training barn with experienced horses

Adult Divisions:
Green Horse In-Hand
Green horses that have no experience or are not started under saddle

Beginner riders with limited experience to this type of competition OR green horses with more experienced riders.

Open Non-pro:
Experienced to this type of competition.

Anyone who is actively paid for lessons or training. 

Other entry Info: 
Points will awarded to horse & rider team. A horse can be ridden in the youth classes up to three times with different riders. In the adult classes a horse can be ridden a maximum of twice.

Entry fee: $30
Post Entry Fee: $10 (Deadline is a week before challenge date)
Awards: Places to 4th  

Obstacles: Minimum of 10 maximum of 15 per course

Mandatory Obstacles: Gate, Bridge, Jump or step-over, Backing, Curtain or walk thru.

Optional Obstacles: Water, mounting & dismounting, drag, slicker work, ground tie, debris box, turnaround box, side-passing, trailer loading & unloading, animal cutouts/silhouettes, motorized vehicles/ATV etc. doing something that involves both hands (like tying a ribbon on a tree branch)
Not allowed: Live animals, standing on horses backs or crawling under, curtains with thin strips or ropes, NO riding bareback or without bridle, rope halters are OK. No lead-lines or attendants/instructors allowed in youth divisions. 

Judging will be done on horsemanship of the rider and the horse with a score given at each obstacle and a final tally. 

Obstacles will be numbered.

- Points for obstacle are based on the horse’s attitude, the rider’s horsemanship and the team’s overall performance
0 = obstacle not completed in the allotted time
1 = very poor performance
2 = poor performance
3 = good/average performance
4 = very good/above average performance
5 = excellent/outstanding performance

-Youth riders will not be timed; they will have 3 attempts to complete the obstacle and will then be asked to move on. 
Adult riders will be allowed 45 seconds per obstacle. Each obstacle will be timed by an official timer. If an obstacle is not completed within this time frame the rider will be flagged/whistled and MUST move onto the next obstacle and receive a score of 0 for that obstacle.

-Contestants must attempt each obstacle in the correct order and not choose to skip any. If they miss an obstacle or get off course they will be disqualified. 

- Any contestant who falls off their horse will be disqualified.

- The judge may disqualify any contestant that he/she determines is abusing the animal in any way such as excessive spurring or crop use.

-No coaching from the sidelines. Failure to follow this rule will result in disqualification

- There will be one official timer, to time the rider at each obstacle. The rider MUST move onto the next obstacle when their time is up. This is a competition, not a training session.

- In the event of a tie the scores of a certain number of pre-determined obstacles will be combined, and the contestants will be placed according to their combined scores for these obstacles. The pre-selected obstacles will be announced prior to the start of each race and will be noted on the course maps.

- English or western tack may be used. No bareback riding allowed. No use of live animals as obstacles will be used. All pets must be restrained and not interfering with any of the horses or riders while they are competing. No cowboy antics such as standing on the horse’s back. Riders are encouraged to wear helmets and must follow the rules regarding this as established by each venue. 
When:   Saturday, July 15 9am - 4pm

Where:  Ellis River Riders Showgrounds

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For more information, contact Allyssia Timberlake