The following are the official results of the election of officers/positions for the upcoming 2015 season as certified on 11/10/2014:

PRESIDENT (58 votes cast, 1 vote invalid/illegal*)
Altmaier, Anita - 54
Garcia, Ernest - 4

VICE PRESIDENT (57 votes cast)
Cayer, Deborah - 57

SECRETARY (56 votes cast) 
Pierce, Terri - 53
Wilkins, Charlotte - 3

TREASURER (57 votes cast)
McKenzie, Audrey - 55
Bryant, Jeff - 2

SHOW COMMITTEE CHAIR (59 votes cast)
Grondin, Dawn - 30
Slattery, Kate - 29

Tobin, Tim - 57

GROUNDS COMMITTEE CHAIR (29 votes cast, 4 votes invalid/illegal*)
Badger, Jim - 25
Grondin, Randall - 4

*"Invalid/illegal votes" are ballots that contained an error in voting such as failing to check the box and/or failing to write-in a candidate's full name. Only that portion of the ballot where votes that were deemed invalid/illegal were set aside and not counted - the remainder of the ballot was counted.

I certify that these election results are true and correct.
/s/ Tony L. Milligan - Teller Committee Chair 


Saturday June 28

Come one; come all to the ERR Social DAY to be held at show grounds on Airport Road, Andover ME. Events to include, survivor games and a Tribal Council campfire (weather permitting). 

Event Schedule as follows:

Arrival Saturday- 9:00 am

Club Organized “ORANGE TRAIL RIDE”-begins at 10:00 am

Trail Ride ends at 12:30 pm

Lunch on your own

Remember no horses for these afternoon events!

Fun & Games to begin at show ring at 4:30 pm- all ages welcome, ending at 5:30 pm. “Pot Luck Dinner” under the pavilion at 6:30 pm- FREE

Tribal Council Campfire and roasting marshmallows until 9:30 pm

Remember lights out at 10:00 pm. So bring a “Buff” or a handkerchief to wear and your survivor skills and whatever you want to eat for the Pot Luck.

ERR SOCIAL DAY- Sunday May 25, 2014

Come one; come all to the First Annual ERR Social DAY to be held at Showground’s on Airport Road, Andover ME. Events to include pot luck dinner and campfire (weather permitting), a club-organized trail ride on the Pink Trail, music, dancing under the pavilion and non-horse games, time to show just your skills in rope a dope, water race, sack race and hay bale toss! 

Event Schedule

Arrival Sunday- 9:00 am

Club Organized “PINK TRAIL RIDE”-begins at 10:00 am

Trail Ride ends at 12:30 pm

Lunch on your own

Remember no horses for these afternoon events!

Fun & Games to begin at show ring at 3:00 pm- all ages welcome, ending at 4:30 pm

“Pot Luck Dinner” at 6:30 pm- FREE

Music and dancing to begin at 8:00 pm under the pavilion

Campfire and roasting marshmallows until 9:30 pm

Remember lights out at 10:00 pm

For more information, contact Anita Altmaier

Trails: Pink Open, Orange Opening Soon, Blue Remains Closed

May 13 - With the completion of the new bridge project, the "Pink Trail" is now open.  Riders should use caution as there are still some areas of ice and deep mud in East Andover.  Part of the "Orange Trail" should be open by the weekend of May 17th, however, the "Blue Trail" will remain closed to ATVs and horses (at the landowner's request) until the end of May. The gates to the Blue Trail are closed...please respect the landowner's wishes and do not ride past them.

Water Now Available 

May 13 - The water system at ERR show grounds has been sanitized and flushed and is now ready for use. Although precautionary steps have been taken to make the water safe, the BOD reminds everyone that the water system was not designed to be used for human consumption and therefore recommends that it should be considered non-potable. 

Grounds Open For The Season

May 11 - Grounds are now open for the season. Water remains offline while we flush the system. Please plan accordingly.

Please Stay Off Trails

April 24 - Due to this year's deep snow and a late, late Spring, many of our trails remain un-rideable.  There is still deep snow and ice on some sections of trail as well as deep mud on others.  The trails have yet to be marked or cleared of blow-downs, etc., and the bridges and stream crossings have not been checked for safety.  Trail work will begin next week and hopefully things will dry up soon.  I know we are all anxious to hit the trails, but in the interest of safety and to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the property of our generous land-owners, I ask for your cooperation as we wait for conditions to improve. Thanks :)

                                                        Sincerely, Tim Tobin
                                                        ERR Trail Committee Chair

Grounds Remain Closed To Vehicles/Campers

April 24 - Grounds Committee Chair announced today that due to the late Spring thaw, the grounds will remain closed to all campers, vehicles and heavy equipment until further notice.

Free Membership Awarded

On February 10, a drawing from a pool of members that paid their membership dues prior to January 31st was held to see who would receive a FREE MEMBERSHIP for 2015. This year's winner was Jeff & Lori Bryant. Congratulations!!

Election Results - 2014 Elected Officials

PRESIDENT (total number of valid votes cast - 54)
CAYER, Deborah - 53
ALTMAIER, Anita (write-in candidate) - 1

VICE PRESIDENT (total number of valid votes cast - 56)
ALTMAIER, Anita - 55
CAYER, Deborah (write-in candidate) - 1

SECRETARY (total number of valid votes cast - 55)
WILKINS, Charlotte - 55

TREASURER (total number of valid votes cast - 56)
BRYANT, Jeff - 24
MCKENZIE, Audrey - 32

SHOW COMMITTEE CHAIR (total number of valid votes cast - 54)
GRONDIN, Dawn - 51
MORTON, Dora (write-in candidate) - 2
TOBIN, Pam (write-in candidate) - 1

TRAIL COMMITTEE CHAIR (total number of valid votes cast - 56)
TOBIN, Tim - 56

GROUNDS COMMITTEE CHAIR (total number of valid votes cast - 50)
LINDLEY, Sam - 50

Please note: The Board was quite pleased with the larger-than-usual response in voting. Thank you - your vote counts! A few ballots were returned undelivered. If you did NOT receive a ballot this year, please contact the Secretary to ensure your mailing address is correct.

Perpetual Trophies Due Back

The Points Secretary is asking all recipients of perpetual trophies to please return trophies on or before the fun show on October 5th so that they can be prepared for this year's recipients.

New Grounds Committee Chair named

On August 12th, the Board of Directors appointed Sam Lindley as interim Grounds Committee Chair to finish out the 2013 season following the resignation from long-time chair Bill Cole. The Board expressed their sincere appreciation and gratitude for Bill's many years of dedicated support he provided to the club. 

Food Booth Forced To Close

Despite the expected large turnout for the 07/21 Gymkhana Show, getting volunteers to help staff the event has not been easy. As of late Friday afternoon, only 4 out of nearly a dozen required positions to staff the event had been filled by volunteers, but none of which were for the Food Booth. Normally, it takes a minimum of 4 or 5 people to adequately cover the workload in the food booth, but when crowds are expected to be large as is the case for Sunday, as many as 6 are needed. Sadly, despite repeated pleas for help on Facebook, E-mail, Newsletter and the Club website, volunteers are scarce, forcing the Committee Chair to make what will likely prove to be a very unpopular decision - to not open the Food Booth.

The Board of Directors has been struggling with the issue of lack of volunteers and recently posted a survey on the website seeking input from the membership to address the problem. The issue is expected to be discussed at length at the next general membership meeting. The unfortunate reality is that if a solution is not discovered and implemented before the next event, the Food Booth is at risk of remaining closed and the event is at risk of being cancelled altogether.

Campsite Map Updated

An updated campsite map has been added to our website. Click on CAMPING or RESOURCES to see or download a copy.

Trail Committee launches online registration

To better assist the coordinator and committee chair in preparing for upcoming trail rides, an online registration form has been put up on the website. For more information, contact Tim Tobin.

Ellis River Riders Pledge To Raise $2,500 for charity

Ellis River Riders is proud to announce partnership with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to raise $2,500 this year for the "Saddle Up For St. Jude" fundraising event by hosting a charity trail ride on August 10th.  For more information, click on TRAIL RIDES.

Clinic Registration Deadline Saturday

The deadline to register for the Cohne Goodwin Showmanship Clinic is
 July 13th. Interested participants can learn for and register online by visiting the EVENTS SCHEDULE tab on this website. The clinic is scheduled for July 27 at the ERR show grounds. FMI contact Charlotte Wilkins.

UPDATE 07/13: This clinic has been cancelled due to low registration.

Online Volunteer Reporting

In an effort to better track volunteer hours worked, an online reporting tool has been added to the website. Visit the VOLUNTEER INFORMATION page to access the form.

Online Participant Registration Open

Participants wishing to save some money may now register online for events they are competing in. Registration is easy and if you register before the "Thursday 10:00 pm before the event" deadline, you will not be charged the $10 post-entry fee! To register online, click on the Secretary's Booth tab found on the top of every page.

Website Changes Now Posted

Something new added to the website? Something changed? Now you don't have to go hunting throughout the entire website! At the very bottom and top of each page, you now will see a link called Recent Site Activity. Click on that link and you will see what was changed or added, who made the change, and the date and time the change was made!

Credit/Debit Cards Now Accepted

Credit/Debit cards now accepted at Ellis River Riders

For your convenience, beginning May 11, 2013, all major credit and debit cards will be accepted for purchases at the Secretary's Booth and Food Booth.

2012 Year-End Awards

The Ellis River Riders annual awards banquet was held at the Eagle's Club in Rumford on Saturday, November 17th. The banquet was catered by Steve's General Store & Classic Catering of Oxford.

Full list of awards presented. 

Allyssia Timberlake,
May 24, 2013, 5:43 AM
Allyssia Timberlake,
Jun 27, 2013, 1:39 PM
Allyssia Timberlake,
May 26, 2013, 8:02 AM
Allyssia Timberlake,
May 25, 2013, 6:35 PM
Allyssia Timberlake,
May 25, 2013, 6:35 PM
Allyssia Timberlake,
Mar 17, 2013, 4:12 PM
Allyssia Timberlake,
May 25, 2013, 6:38 PM
Allyssia Timberlake,
May 26, 2013, 8:00 AM