Grounds Committee

We will be working on several projects this upcoming season. Some of the plans are to fix the announcer's area in the secretaries booth to help with noise and visual access to the whole arena, also repairs to the barn, arena fencing and decks around the buildings. There will also be the regular maintenance of mowing, weeding, painting and staining. I plan to have a working list available on the door of the storage shed along with a list online. Be watching for grounds opening date. ~Deb C. 

Remember all volunteer hours can be redeemed for value points which can be turned in for a wide variety of gifts/rewards.

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The Grounds Committee is charged with managing the general upkeep and maintenance of the Ellis River show grounds along with any special projects or plans for the grounds or buildings. 

You will not be expected to do all the work but to help brain storm ideas and lend a hand where needed.

The Committee will meet twice a year to discuss plans, projects and ideas. The first meeting will he sometime in the spring to address the upcoming year's plans and then one meeting will be during the summer and will probably be at one of the shows.

Come and be a part of this fun and worthwhile group!

Want to join the Grounds Committee?