Show Committee

The Ellis River Riders Show committee has many important jobs. The committee meets throughout the year with the bulk of work being done pre-season. Tasks associated with the Show Committee include: researching judges, deciding class lists, discussing all suggestions received during the previous season, adjusting prices to prepare a balanced budget of income (entries) versus expenses (judging, trophy, and ribbon fees as well as year end banquet costs), deciding the types of shows and the schedule, and editing/maintaining the membership book to reflect all changes for the upcoming season.

The Show Committee always welcomes additional members. Attendance at every meeting is not required. Input is well received through email and phone at meetings. Skype is an option as well. Members that would like a voice in the above areas would be a great asset to our core group. Members of this committee do not necessarily "volunteer" at the show, but are the best liasons for questions from members at our events. 

The Show committee and show management are charged with what some equate to a theatrical production. Many different players from behind the scenes, to front line, to show manager, to riders, and volunteers all come together under the direction of the committee and work with the grounds committee and food committee to provide a well run and attended show event.

Interested in joining the Show Committee?