2017 Gymkhana Class List

2-D with 2 second split explanation:

    ***NEW - Trialing for this Year!***

Ellis River Riders will be offering 2-D in both the Junior and Adult Divisions‼!

These divisional classes in the game shows will be run in a 2-D format, with a 2-second split.    For those who are unfamiliar with how this works, the class is run as it normally is, however when the class is finished and the places are figured, the rider with the quickest time is the winner of the 1st D(eep) round.  This winning time sets the ‘clock’ and all those who place within two seconds of the fist-place winner’s time are considered part of the 1st-D round.  The 2-D(eep)round begins after the 2-second mark, with the first rider to come closest to the 2-second cut-off winning first place in the 2-D round.  This continues down the line through 6th place.  Points are figured just as if the class where split in two by the 2-second split. 


 Winning Time:  20.123  - 1st Place in 1-D round (Receives 6 Points)

           21.123 – 2nd Place in 1-D round (Receives 5 Points)

            21.500 – 3rd Place in 1-D round (Receives 4 Points)

           22.002 – 4th Place in 1-D round (Receives 3 Points)

           22.100 – 5th Place in 1-D round (Receives 2 Points)

         22.110 – 6th Place in 1-D round (Receives 1 Point)

22.111 – No Placement
22.120 – No Placement

***************2-Second Split**************

Winning Time:  22.125 – 1st Place in 2-D round (Receives 6 Points)

           23.000 – 2nd Place in 2-D round (Receives 5 Points)

           24.000 – 3rd Place in 2-D round (Receives 4 Points)

          25.000 – 4th Place in 2-D round (Receives 3 Points)

          26.000 – 5th Place in 2-D round (Receives 2 Points)

        27.000 – 6th Place in 2-D round (Receives 1 Point)


This is an example of how this type of 2-D class is run.  Depending upon the number of entries and how the times fall in relation to each other, this helps to provide a more inclusive playing field for all of our members.