2017 Divisional Descriptions

Divisional Descriptions

Ellis River Riders, Inc supports a philosophy of training and education for all horses and riders. We understand that at times this schooling may require extra time. In the essence of time during the shows, please follow these guidelines:


All classes are identified by age or skill division (Leadline, Youth Walk-Trot, etc.)  A rider, parent or trainer may request of the Show Secretary to be placed in a different position in the line-up if the rider is experiencing training issues.  A warm-up area is available to help work out any issues a rider may have.  This warm-up area – a.k.a. “the Ball Field”, is located at the back of the trailer parking.  Only adults or minors accompanied by their Grounds Guardian are allowed to use the warm-up area in the Ball Field. Any rider who is experiencing training difficulty with their horse may ask to be allowed out of their class. We ask that all of our judges are encouraged to help advance a rider’s education.  The amount of learning opportunities made available must be weighed against the number of riders participating and the amount of time needed to complete the show.