Rider Number List

New for 2017, all riders will be expected to show their numbers while riding in the arena. 

Because this is new for all of the gymkhana folks, we are providing you with your number - free of charge for the first one issued.  :-)  And that goes for all of our ERR Showing peeps!  A donation has been made to provide the club with a new set of show numbers... only the one copy though, so if you lose yours, it will be 'paper-plate' time <grin> 

All non-member showing individuals will have an alphabetical number assigned new to them for each show, since their points will not be carried forward to year-end awards.

Please look over the lists, and if you see an error or know of a reason why one of the held numbers should be returned to service, please let me know at show@ellisriverriders.com

Also, if you see an available number that you would rather have - let me know and I can easily re-assign you and your horse to that number.

Charlotte Wilkins