Show Rules and Notices

In accordance with Maine Law Title 7 M.R.S. Section 1820-A, a Coggins is required for all horses on grounds as follows - Coggins results with a “stabled-at” address outside of Maine are valid for a period of 1 year, while results with a “stabled-at” address inside of Maine are valid for a period of 3 years. Copies of such records for club files are expected to be mailed in advance of events/ overnight stays and originals shown at the time of arrival prior to unloading. Horses without the proper paperwork will not be allowed to participate in the day’s events or remain on grounds, so PLEASE be prepared! 

A Breed High-Point Registration Form needs to be submitted before the day of the show, otherwise Breed Award Points will not count for that show.

Due to safety concerns, in the ring and out, there will be no cantering while riding bareback. 
Riders who are showing under a judge that they have previously schooled under must have had no less than 30 days pass since last having taken instruction from them.
Youth Walk/Trot contestants are required to keep their horses at a walk or trot/job at all times. If the horse/pony breaks into a canter during a class, then they will be disqualified.

Number fees are $1 for a replacement number if you forget your number on show day. If you choose to make your own, it must be the standard size we issue and be bold, visible numbers.

To qualify for Day End Awards: A rider must show on the same horse in all classes of their division. (Leadline, Youth Walk/Trot, Junior, Adult Novice and/or Green Horse & Adult.  EXCEPTIONS: Pairs and Open class divisions

To qualify for Year End Awards: A rider must show on the same horse in 4 out of the 6 offered shows for both the Gymkhana and the Open circuit.  Classes available to the Members during the Member's Only Show will count.



     1.)  Show numbers will be required to be worn
           and used by ALL riders, including those who
           are in the game classes.

     2.)  If you are at the Showgrounds for the entire
           weekend, you can wait until Sunday to
           square your bill. 

     3.)  PLEASE pay your bill before you leave!  For
           your convenience, you may leave a signed
           check written out to "Ellis River Riders" at
           the beginning of the day.  We will fill in the
           amount of your bill and mail you a copy of
           your check along with a receipt.