Trail Rides

Trail Status
Trails are partly closed for the season
Once snow comes ALL trails are closed to horses till spring
Hunting season makes trail riding unsafe except SUNDAYS
"Pink Trail" - Partly open (not short Pink Loop)
"Orange Trail" - Open 
"Blue Trail East" - CLOSED October 16th 
NEW ~ Blue Trail WEST
~ Open, access from Pink Trail intersection P-7

2017 Trail Ride Schedule

Hope Association Benefit Ride and BBQ
Saturday June 24 (rain date 25th)
9:00am to 2:00pm from the grounds
$10.00 entry fee ~ includes BBQ
plus $25.00 (minimum) donations
Limited space, pre-entry required

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BBQ master Tim Tobin

Murder Mystery Ride
Benefit for AngelFlight New England
Saturday September 23 (rain date 24th)
Pre-entry required Contact Audrey

Fall Foliage Pleasure Ride
Saturday October 14th
From Mary Thacker's Simple Treasurers Farm
East Andover ME ~ Contact Mary for details 
mobile # 207-381-7662

Turkey Trot at the Holtzman's
Sunday October 8th
RSVP ~ $5.00 and a dish to share
Location: Deer Trees Arabians, Sawyer Notch Road ~ not an official club ride ~
Contact for details ~ mobile # 207-418-1336


Please let the event coordinator know if you plan on attending. All rides begin at 10:00 AM unless otherwise indicated. Ride starting and destination points subject to change. Contact with event coordinator more for information.

Please remember that dogs are not permitted on ERR hosted trail rides.

If you're interested in sponsoring a trail ride, please submit an event proposal online or contact Trail Committee Chair Tim Tobin.

Trail Rides 2015

Trail System

The club maintains an extensive trail system of beautiful and varied terrain in and around Andover, Andover North Surplus and Roxbury. These consist of approximately 50 miles of multi-use trails most of which are located on private property. The horse trails are color coded and marked with coordinating signs, arrows and flagging attached on the same color clothespins. Club members may access trails beginning at the show grounds (Pink Trail) or at either of the local public Park & Ride locations. The Andover Park & Ride is on Route 120 just west of Andover Village where the Pink and Orange Trails connect (right next to the river crossing.) The Roxbury ATV Park & Ride which is also on Route 120 but about 8 miles west of Andover is a direct access to our Blue Trail. Please clean all parking areas of manure and hay.
*Caution: Horse shoes or hoof boots are recommended on all of our trails. We ask all riders to stay on marked trails and not wander off. Much of the land was former pasture and there is barbed wire and page wire left behind, even in the woods. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee trails will be free of damage due to wind, rain or human actions. Ride aware ~ Ride safe!

PINK TRAIL - The trail head for the Pink Trail is about 1 mile from the grounds and starts the loops which consists of a loop about 6.5 miles plus a short side loop of another couple miles. It crosses the Ellis River in two places and crosses Route 5 three times if ridden from the grounds. There are wooded trails and open fields. There are also some gravel and sandy woods roads. It’s not mountainous but does have some hills. This trail is shared partly with the snowmobile club (ITS-82). CURRENTLY, not a loop please obey signs! 7/21/17

ORANGE TRAIL - The Orange Trail travels north from the Pink Trail at its northern point, east of the Ellis River, near what we call the Big Rock crossing. This trail goes out and then has one big loop up to Grover’s Orchard (a very old homestead orchard) at that point it continues with an “out and back” trail to Devil’s Den. This trail loop has a narrow technical trail section within the loop. It also has some rocky sections and gravel roads. If ridden from the grounds the whole trail would be about 24 miles. From the park and ride it would be 15 miles in all. Some of this trail may shared with the ATV club and snowmobile club.

BLUE TRAIL EAST- The Blue Trail East leaves the small Pink Trail loop to the west and has two big loops and one “out and back” to the Roxbury ATV park and ride and Ellis Pond Variety. The trails on the blue section are mostly named by the ATV club and we have used those same names on our maps. There are more big hills on these trails and some are rocky in places. There are three brook crossings. There are some nice views with flat sandy wide logging road sections too. One loop passes the Andover Earth Station which is a great photo opportunity. The tail loops are about 7.5 and 10 miles from where the Blue Trail leaves the Pink. These trails are maintained and heavily used by the ATV club and is also the snowmobile club’s ITS-82 trail.

BLUE TRAIL WEST- (Not on the current map)

New trail leaves the Pink Trail at intersection P-7 at the back side of the Costa farm by the red gates. It follows ITS-82 West, up Lone Mountain and connects with the Stoney Brook Road which is a big gravel road down Long Mountain headed North. It has great views. It connects at the bottom with the snowmobile loop trail which brings it back to the beginning. The loop itself is 6 miles plus add the miles to and from wherever you start (ERR grounds or Park & Ride). Be aware this is a mountainous trail and horses should be conditioned accordingly.

Ellis River Riders Trail System Map
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