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Ellis River Riders has been in existence since 1985. The organization is 100% supported by non-paid volunteers. In order to having shows, we need volunteers to staff the event, otherwise we are forced to cancel the show.

The Club has well over 100 members and only a fraction of those members regularly give up their personal time to make the events possible. Your help is needed to keep Ellis River Riders alive. Please take the time to review the various jobs that we need volunteers for and consider volunteering for part or all of the day.

Remember that when you volunteer to staff an event, you receive points for hours worked towards a number of rewards including campsite privileges and other awards AND we also feed you for free during the event! 

For students that need to find community service jobs to fulfill a school requirement, volunteering at Ellis River Riders is a fun and educational way to accomplish that! Contact the Show Committee Chair for more information.

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