Fun Show - Oct 10 2020

Post date: Oct 5, 2020 7:03:56 PM

October 3, 2020

Start Time: 10:00 am

Fees: $10/division

$25 max per person

-Riders will be limited to riding one horse per class.

-For the pairs class, each rider may ride in only one pair per class. You may switch partners for each class.

Divisions have been combined into the following:

Young Riders: Leadline/Youth Walk Trot

****Riders will ride at their level. Leadliners may advance to walk/trot with an escort/leader beside the horse for safety.

Youth: Youth Novice and Youth

Adult: Adult Novice and Adult

Open: Youth Novice, Youth, Adult Novice, Adult

Pairs: Youth Novice, Youth, Adult Novice, Adult

Class List and Patterns available in the "Resource Library" under "2019/2020 Gymkhana Patterns"