Event Registration

You are not required to pay for an event at the same time that you register.  All payments will be made at the show. By registering you are not obligated to participate in the classes for which you register. Please register. The information you provide helps for planning for helpers and for food.  In addition the signing in process at the show will run faster and better if you register. 

2023 Horse Shows

Click on the event button below and complete the form to register.

A separate form must be filled out for each Horse and Rider combination. 

Pre-registration must be received by 10 PM Thursday before the show date to avoid an additional late entry fee of $15. 

2023 Show Fees:

Versatility Shows 

Flat rate $40.00 Divisional Fee.

Jackpot Shows 

$10.00 per class for everyone.

Open Shows/ Gymkhana Shows/ Spring & Fun Shows

Non-members single class $10.00 per class.

Non-members Pairs $7.00 per person, per class. 

Members single class $10.00 per class

or $40.00 per division. 

Members Pairs $5.00 per person, per class.

Members Family Discount

Fee is $75.00 per person. This is for those families with 3 or more riders entered into the show and purchases 15 classes in either the Open Shows or the Gymkhana Shows. Any additional classes will be charged at the normal member rate.

For questions, please email show@ellisriverriders.com

2023 Trail Rides

Please register for each trail ride using the Trail Ride Registration Form button below. 

Registration provides the organizer with attendance information and is helpful for planning purposes. Fees can be paid in "Our Store", by mail, or by check at the trail ride.

Trail Ride Fees:

Regular Trail rides $10 per horse/rider.

Cowboy Cookout & Murder Mystery Trail rides $35 per horse/rider.

To qualify for Year End Trail Awards: 

For questions, please email trail@ellisriverriders.com