Points + Rewards Program

What is the Points + Rewards Program?

The Points/Rewards Program is an incentive program for members to volunteer and participate in Club activities in exchange for rewards and awards. Free to participate. Members are responsible for ensuring their earned points are reported by the method described on the Club’s website or directly to the Secretary in a timely fashion. Points and Rewards subject to change at anytime based upon improvements and availability of donated or purchased rewards to offer. 

Program Rules:

Accumulation of Points: F​or purposes of determining season rewards, points are earned from November 1st to October 31st each year. 

Carryover and Expiration of Points: ​If members have unredeemed points in their bank on December 31st, up to 100 points will automatically carryover to January 1st. All other unredeemed points will automatically expire. No member shall start on January 1st with more than 100 points. 

Times:​ For purposes of the Points Chart, “1/2 day” means approximately 1/2 of the duration of the event, and “full day” means the entire duration of the event. 

Appointments:​ Points for members appointed to the Board or as a Committee Chair shall be awarded when the appointment becomes effective. If the member resigns or the appointment is rescinded prior to the

conclusion of the year, then the points for the appointment shall be forfeited. 

Transferability: ​Points are not transferable, except by members of a family membership wanting to transfer points within the family membership for purpose of seasonal overnight privileges only.

Rewards:​ Rewards are subject to change at any time based upon donations received and/or availability. 

Double Duties:​ Points will be awarded to members for one task per time period. For example, if a member volunteers as Show Manager and Announcer, then the member will be awarded points for the highest pointed activity, not for both. If the member works two jobs during two time periods for an event, such as an Announcer for 1/2 day and Show Secretary for 1/2 day, then points will be awarded for both jobs as the time periods did not overlap. If a member works in the Food Booth at multiple stations during a specific time period, points may be awarded for only one job per time period. 

Points for all-day work:​ While some jobs (such as managers) require full day work for points to be awarded, other jobs are awarded points for 1/2 day work. If members work a full day for jobs that list 1/2 day points, then the points awarded shall be doubled unless otherwise noted.